The Try Something New Challenge. You in?

I wrote about Poke the Box this week, which is all about initiative and it got me thinking…

 What would it be like to commit to trying something new every month?

If we bring intention to initiative, it will change the dynamic. We’ll learn something new, no doubt. And regardless, it will create something larger and more interesting than anything left to chance.

And so I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

Now I know what you may be thinking, I do try something new already. I learned a new version of software, or tried a new recipe, or developed a new PowerPoint template. I’m not talking about the every day easy stuff. I’m talking the new things that scare us a little because they are foreign. Maybe even create a bit of an uneasy feeling in the gut. Those types of new things.

The new moves that make us grow and learn.

This month for me, it was Twitter. I have a marketing background so it should have been easy for me. I was behind the game for certain — Twitter is hardly cutting edge anymore. But the truth is I didn’t care at first, then it passed me by, and with all those weird symbols and cultural buzz words I didn’t understand it. Three weeks after jumping on, I get it, and have to admit I LOVE IT.

So with that bit of initiative, I’m ready to commit to some new challenges.

Who’s with me?

(Tell me about your new actions on Twitter @kristihedges or here!)


About kristihedges
Executive coach, leadership development consultant, blogger, contributor, author of Power of Presence (AMACOM).

3 Responses to The Try Something New Challenge. You in?

  1. silvermagpies says:

    Hi Kristi –

    Count me in. There’s nothing quite like jumping into a new pool with both feet. It’s about launching a new range of on-line services for me this month.

  2. kristihedges says:

    Awesome! No other way than both feet…!

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